The story starts with websites.

Websites opened the doors for businesses to present a limitless amount of information about their business to anyone that they gave their website addresss to! Limitless was clearly restricted to how much time a business owner would spend typing something they could think about their business. The penny took a while to drop! And for a lot of businesses (that failed) the penny never dropped.

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Exploit Technology Not Humans

The new technology available to businesses was almost freely available. It was a mission to provide as much support to business owners to help them grow their business in addition to using pen, paper and a fax machine. It was painful and slow. For those that understood the opportunities they have never looked back.


Ecommerce Picks Up Speed

The disruption to traditional communication was gaining interest and people were prepared to buy online, ecommerce was being accepted by the consumer. Business owners had to choice but to adapt. We were there to support businesses Despite Early Reluctance.

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